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Free Minecraft Alts

Click here to download the authenticator, or here to watch the authenticator tutorial.

What is TheAltening?

TheAltening is the #1 source for FREE minecraft alts and paid minecraft alts.
Using our unique system the days of having an invalid account are in the past, 100% of our alts are valid and working!

Are the alts really free?

Yes, every account from this page is a 100% free minecraft alt! This service is provided by ad's, if you're interested in getting 80,000 or 160,000 minecraft accounts, please click here for more info.

How do I use TheAltening?

TheAltening uses a special system called Tokens which are different from regular accounts. They're practically the same thing as minecraft alts but it enables us to do a lot more cool things!
For a tutorial on how to navigate this page click here
To use tokens please follow this tutorial.

How is the alt quality?

The alt quality is very good with TheAltening's free generator however we do offer packages for premium users to be able to achieve MASSIVE numbers of accounts (over 80,000 alts per month) with a much better quality due to it being an exclusive deal. Please click here for more information.